Impacted teeth are cases where the tooth does not come out when it should come out and remains inside the jawbone. Many factors are effective in the formation of impacted teeth, which sometimes cannot be seen due to the soft tissue on them. In such cases, which can be seen as a result of different reasons such as genetics, adjacent teeth, jaw stenosis, infections, the treatment is done by evaluating it from an orthodontic point of view.

Why are teeth impacted?

There are many factors that results in impacted tooth. In general, these are reasons such as genetic actors, stenosis of the jaw, closure of the tooth, infections due to untreated caries of deciduous teeth, displacement of neighboring teeth.

How are impacted teeth treated?

In the treatment of impacted teeth, factors such as the position of the existing tooth, its level in the bone, its effect on other teeth, and developmental disorders are taken into consideration. If there is no obstacle that will affect the extraction of the tooth, the operation is started with local anesthesia. Some operations can also be performed with mild medications, after the patient is put to sleep. Then, the impacted tooth is removed from the relevant socket.

Does pain occur after impacted tooth operations?

A certain amount of pain, swelling and bruising may occur after the operation. Antibiotics and analgesics containing anti-inflammatory drugs can be used in cases where active inflammation symptoms occur depending on the severity of the pain.

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