It is applied in cases where there is insufficient bone in the area where an implant will be placed for the posterior tooth deficiencies in the upper jaw. In such cases, the bone level is increased by making use of the sinus cavity on both sides of the nose. Within the sinus lifting process, this space is lifted with biomaterials such as graft and membrane (bone powder) and sufficient bone amount is created for the implant. This process is performed open or closed depending on the amount of bone sagging.

How is sinus lifting operation performed?

In sinus lifting operations, which are usually performed under local anesthesia, the sinus area is lifted at a certain level and access is provided through a window opening into the mouth for the removed area. The sinus membrane is elevated to the desired level, and then grafting and bone powder application are made into the relevant space. After the suture, the area is closed.

What should be considered after the operation?

How long after the sinus lift implant operation can take place?

After the operation, implant placement can be performed after an average of 3-6 months, depending on the patient’s suitability. The factors that determine the process can be listed as the amount of bone lost, the surgical technique applied to the sinus lift, the number of implants, and the length of the area to be loaded.

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