Bone augmentation, is an application to restore the lost bone tissue. The main purpose of this procedure, in which bone grafts, also known as bone powders, are placed in areas of bone loss, is to make it possible to eliminate functional and aesthetic losses. Bone augmentation is also preferred in cases where bone tissue is inadequate for implant construction.

In which cases is bone augmentation performed?

It is a method used in patients who have a variable amount of loss on the jawbone due to factors such as tooth extraction, bone resorption, abscess formation, and gingival diseases. In some patients, it is can be performed in the same session with the implant treatment, even if the bone graft is at a minimal level.

How does the process proceed after bone augmentation?

After the application, a tampon is applied into the mouth. Ice treatment is recommended every 10 minutes on average over a 48-hour period. After the procedure, it is necessary to stay away from extremely hot and cold foods. It is also important to pay attention not to open the mouth too much and not to force the bottom seams.

How does alveolar bone defect occur?

The alveolar bone, which surrounds the teeth above the jawbone, has a very important function in chewing activities. The loss of function and the melting of the bone as a result of conditions such as intense bacterial accumulation and tooth extraction cause the defect problem.

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