Dt. Seval Bayraklı Dental Clinic F.A.Q.

Some questions and answers about our services as Dt. Seval Bayraklı Dental Clinic:

The teeth whitening process usually takes between an hour and an hour and a half. However, this time may vary depending on the method used and tooth color. Your dentist will determine the treatment duration that is most suitable for you.

The healing process after tooth extraction may vary from person to person, but swelling and mild pain may usually occur in the first few days. By following your dentist’s recommendations, it is possible to relieve pain and speed up healing.

Dental implant treatment is suitable for many people who are experiencing tooth loss and are in good general health. However, factors such as bone density, general health status and smoking should be taken into account. You can find out whether implant treatment is suitable for you by making a detailed evaluation with your dentist.

Orthodontic treatment duration may vary depending on the type of appliance used, the need for treatment and the patient’s response. Usually orthodontic treatment can last from several months to several years. By planning with your dentist, you can get more information about the treatment duration and the appliances to be used.

Root canal treatment is generally a painless procedure. By applying local anesthesia, the feeling of pain is prevented. If pain or discomfort is felt during treatment, it is important to let your dentist know. Root canal treatment is a treatment performed to protect the health of the tooth and relieve pain.

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