Aesthetic Dentistry is a branch of dentistry that covers all the applications made to give a more aesthetic appearance to the smiles. This field covers various problems such as shapeless, naturally discolored teeth, gingival recession, gingival discoloration.

What are the applications of aesthetic dentistry?

An aesthetic smile can be designed according to the needs of the person with options such as composite laminate, aesthetic fillings E-Max Crown, porcelain crown, zirconium porcelain coating, porcelain laminate coatings.

Why is aesthetic dentistry important?

How are aesthetic dentistry treatments planned?

For treatment, first of all, the tooth structure of the person and the position of the teeth are evaluated in detail. In this planning, three-dimensional imaging methods such as panoramic x-ray and cephalometric tomography are generally used. After a comprehensive review of the patients’ demands and current problems, the treatment day is organized.

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