Emax crown veneers, which are made to achieve a natural and realistic smile, are a type of veneer that is often preferred in aesthetic smile design due to its strong and durable structure.

In what kind of situations are E-Max crowns applied?

Emax crowns, which meet patient expectations in terms of aesthetic appearance, are seen as a good alternative for deformed teeth. It is often preferred especially in teeth with an undesirable appearance as a result of wear and in tooth structures with irregular, enamel defects.

What are the advantages of E-max crowns?

How are E-max crowns applied?

E-max crowns applied with CAD-CAM dental bur systems, are produced from high quality monolithic lithium distillate material. Before the application, the thin layer on the natural tooth structure of the patient is removed, then the tooth model is created in digital and classical systems. Veneers consisting of a single block are produced to the appropriate size for the patient and applied to the natural tooth.

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