Gingival aesthetics is the treatment that corrects the existing recession and asymmetrical disorders in the gums, and ensures that the teeth and gums reach the standards they should be. Gum health is preserved thanks to the arrangements made in the tissues surrounding the teeth. This minimizes the chance of bad breath or injury. Therefore, it is also very effective in protecting oral health in the long term.

How is gingival aesthetics performed?

Gingival aesthetic treatments can be performed comfortably with local anesthesia. If laser is preferred, the treatment can be completed without any problems and bleeding. Gum aesthetic treatments are usually completed in a single session and in a very short time. However, this process may take longer depending on the number and condition of the teeth to be treated or the treatment plan.

What are the advantages of gingival aesthetic treatments?

Who is suitable for gingival aesthetic applications?

In cases where the gum line is not in the ideal position and shape, gingival aesthetic procedures may be preferred. These procedures can be performed at any age if the condition of the gums and teeth is suitable for treatment. The necessary treatment method in gingival aesthetics is determined after the doctor’s control according to the person’s complaint.

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