Dental implants are titanium-containing screws placed in the jaw under local anesthesia by surgical operation in the jaw in case of teeth or single tooth lost. Implants take the role of tooth root. With the prostheses made on the implants according to your needs, it is ensured that you can eat comfortably, speak and smile with confidence. Chronic diseases, medications, bone structure and oral hygiene affect the success of the treatment.

What are the advantages of a dental implant?

What is the success rate in implant treatment?

Although the success rate of implants varies according to the area where it is placed, it is possible to talk about an average rate of 98%.

Who can have dental implants?

Dental implants are suitable for anyone with healthy gums and adequate bone levels. However, in cases such as heart diseases, diabetes, radiotherapy treatment in the head or neck region, and excessive smoking, the patient is evaluated for the implant. People who have the necessary conditions for oral surgery or a routine tooth extraction are suitable for dental implants.

Is implant treatment painful?

The implant procedure is usually performed under local anesthesia and in some patients under general anesthesia. Therefore, the patient does not feel any pain or suffering. After anesthesia, there can be pain, albeit at a low level. Such conditions can be compensated with painkillers.

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